Rockledge Men’s and Women’s Clubs

The Rockledge Men's and Women’s Clubs are open to all West Hartford residents and non-residents as well. The clubs provide welcoming and encouraging environments for golfers of all abilities. Joining the clubs provides golfers with an outstanding opportunity to play competitive golf at a superb golfing facility and meet and play with some of West Hartford's finest residents who share their love of the game.

Rockledge Men’s Club

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Rockledge Women’s Club

2017 Officers

President Mary Ellen Nichols
Tournaments Barbara Collins
SNEWGA Marilyn Pearson
Treasurer Sue Andrews
Secretary Martha Taylor
Membership Sandy Gifford
Birdies, Chip ins Joanne Peters
Member-Guest Lisa Tilum / Katie Blint
Closing Dinner Donna Tompkin / Judy Unsworth
Opening Meeting OFFICERS
Annual Fundraiser Jennie Burrill
Ringers Betsy Schiavone 
Prizes Martie Taylor / Lainey Silver
Wine and Cheese Party Ellie Large
Opening Day Hospitality Katrina DesRoches / Kathy King / Gemma Mahoney

For complete information on the Rockledge Women's Club, contact:
Mary Ellen Nichols
Sandy Gifford

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